Heirlome is a women’s ready-to-wear collection designed and produced in New York City. Originated by the idea that garments can be treasured, shared and passed down from generation to generation. Modern, feminine and timeless pieces that are made with a focus on quality and forgotten traditions.

Heirlome was founded in 2022 by Creative Director Stephanie Suberville and spouse Jeffrey Axford. A brand committed to supporting and collaborating with artisans in Stephanie’s home country of Mexico.

HEIRLOME is committed to supporting and collaborating with artisans in Mexico. Each season introduces a new artist’s work, explored through print, pattern and embroidery.

The artisan’s in Mexico use traditional techniques in their art, that have been passed down from generation to generation. A lot of precision, and hand work goes into creating these works. When making prints we respect this by retracing every stroke, every imperfection. This gives our prints a special quality. Respecting the authenticity of the work, while giving it our modern approach to dressing.

Creative Director and founder, S.Suberville, was born and raised in Mexico. Her fascination for her culture has always been at the root of launching this brand. We hope to help support these communities so that they can continue to keep their unique art form alive. We are encouraged by these talented artists, to help promote their work, and turn it into wearable art.